9th January 2018

Write for PubhD

PubhD Dublin is looking for unique, quality blog posts that will prove interesting or useful to the public and extend outreach for Masters, PhD candidates and researchers. We are looking for blog pieces from any academic field, from Astrophysics to Literature we are interested in spreading some of the stunning local research being carried out.

Generally, articles should be approximately 500-700 words in length (or less) and can be pitched at a non-expert level. The idea behind the PubhD blog is to bring research to the public in a manner all can understand, enjoy and share. We really hope to get insightful material on our blog from both past and future speakers, as well as other researchers looking to share their ideas with the PubhD community. Whatever your interest and expertise, we want to hear about it!

Although, the ideal length is 500 words it is acceptable to deviate on either side of that mark when necessary. Links to source material should be provided where possible either by hyperlink or list. The audio or visual material can be used to help with engaging the audience in your article, as well as providing further insight into your research topic/field.

By contributing to PubhD’s blog, As well as sharing your research with the PubhD community and the public, it may also assist you in achieving Key Performance Indicators for public engagement on your grant. You also have a great opportunity to share your research with a wide audience, allowing you to receive a broad range of feedback from both academics and the public on your work.

Feel free to provide any relevant photos or links to media such as video or audio, as we can utilise these within the article and provide a rich experience to your blog post. The article can be submitted using our website’s submission system (more details below) or via email (preferably in PDF format). For more details on blog guidelines please check out this PDF.


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