PubhD #22: Brain Hijacking, Nanomedicine & English Literature

PubhD 22 – Our 22nd PubhD Dublin event will take place on the 6th September at 7:00 pm in the Pavilion in Trinity College Dublin, with three more guests presenting their research for 10 minutes each followed by a Q&A after each presentation. All are welcome to come and enjoy interesting talks and pints!

pubhd 22

So who is speaking?

Diego Garaialde is a first year PhD student in UCD. He’s studied motivation since his Psychology Undergraduate in DCU and his Cognitive Science Masters in UCD. The PhD is focusing on how incentives can be used to change habits and promote learning, specifically for online courses. Current approaches to motivation focus on creating goals and fighting against your natural urges through sheer will and discipline.

Diego hopes that his research on incentives can help us understand how to train the brain so these natural urges align with personal goals, making the whole process easier. His research involves an amalgamation of theories from psychology, cognitive science, and human-computer interaction. The PhD is funded by the NUI Travelling Studentship and will involve trips to Birmingham, London, and San Francisco.

Dr Adriele Prina-Mello, Dr Adriele Prina-Mello, Assistant Professor in Translational Nanomedicine, has a research group focused on the translation of nanotechnology-tools, nanomaterials, their multifunctional solutions, devices and instrumentation applications into the medical research area as Nanomedicine tools for next-generation medical practice.

Marie Egan is a 3rd year PhD student in DCU’s Department of English. Her research is focused Frances Burney (1752-1840) the prolific writer and journal keeper-a very successful novelist, whose novels and dramas reflect her own ambivalence towards her identity as a writer and her ongoing negotiations with the demands of propriety. Burney’s negotiations and compromises with the demands of family and society are the focus of Marie’s research.

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